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Charles Demuth

CHARLES DEMUTH (1883 1935)

One of Provincetown's most iconic paintings is Demuth's 1920 masterpiece, After Christopher Wren, which is a cubist/futurist interpretation of the Center Methodist Episcopal Church. "Deem" was one of the earliest arrivals during the Greenwich Village invasion. In New York, he ran around with Georgia O'Keeffe and her photographer/gallery owner husband, Alfred Stieglitz. He left in indelible mark on Provincetown where he was rarely seen without Marsden Hartley and Carl Van Vechten. His watercolors are now part of collections in America's most prestigious museums.

Golden Swan. Duchamp. Purple Pup. The Marshall. Marshall's. Jazz Band. Mingling. White & Black. Gay & Straight. Rich & Poor. Bartender at the Brevoort.

Demuth. Stieglitz. Rejected too similar to John Marin. Precisionist.

Charles Demuth
1927 Exhibit Guide

Charles Demuth
1932 Exhibit Guide

Charles Demuth
1987 Exhibit Guide

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