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William Gibson


Author. Cyberpunk. Steampunk. Neuromancer. Burning Chrome.

BOOKS: The Peripheral
William Gibson

Gibson's latest book, The Peripheral is a riveting quantum duality spanning two possible futures connected via secret Chinese technology. A whodunnit that explores the surveillance state, stock market manipulation, war, drugs, brands, drones, nanotechnology, art, celebrity, integrity, second chances and the future of communication. Gibson's trademark of painting the picture in your head through precision paragraphs of dialogue and description are on par with his best work. he man who invented the term cyberspace in his 1982 short story Burning Chrome and then took it mainstream with his debut award winning novel Neuromancer in 1984, is peeking once again into the future and taking notes. As in his previous three books he looks at the not-so-distant-future as well and explores the possible effects of climate change, economics, megacorporations and big pharma. As always Gibson hits the ground running and the reader is challenged to trust the author while playing catch up with the alternating characters, settings, gadgets and emotions in this well-crafted, gritty time travel tale of loyalty, power, politics and vision.

- Joey Mars

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