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Greetings From Maine The name Maine evokes the image of endless miles of wilderness covered by forests of pine trees stretching over mountains and through low lying lakes and valleys. These environs make a perfect home for vermin from mouse to moose with everything from bobcats and deer in between. Its great rock strewn Atlantic Coast is both breathtaking and dangerous. It is that great coast that provides access to the fish and lobster infested Georgeís Banks. Maine is synonymous with potatoes, bears, lumberjacks with beards, shipbuilding, winter skiing, hunting and white river rafting while eminent citizens are tied to their towns such as writer Stephen King in Bangor and former US President George Bush in Kennebunkport. Maine is the cornerstone of the New England states and a gateway to our northern neighbors in Canada.

Maine history is littered with endless skirmishes between European powerhouses that would decide whether its future would be under British, French, Spanish or Dutch control of the land that was called home by the Wabanaki people long before the white man reached these shores.

Marsden Hartley


Portland, Maine


Dick Curless


Industry brought mills that made paper and textiles to the banks of Maineís great rivers. Soon waves of immigrants of Irish and French Canadian descent showed up at these factory doors with the hopes of securing gainful employment. Despite the cold reception that awaited them from their Yankee brethren, they soldiered on in the face of their churches becoming targets for vandalism and arson. These new arrivals lay the railroad tracks that connected Maine to the important Boston hub in the days leading up to the American Civil War.

Maine was first in the northeast to back the anti-slavery movement that became the prominent issue of the War. Abraham Lincolnís Vice President was Paris, Maine native Hannibal Hamlin who was a full-fledged supporter of both the Emancipation Proclamation and the armament of black freedom seekers.

Edna St. Vincent Millay


Joan Wasser


Confluence of Arcadia (aka Cajun) and Maritime fiddlers leave an indelible mark on Maine music. Irish and French-Canadian roots are part of the foundation of Maine arts and culture.

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