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Desmond Dekker

DESMOND DEKKER (1941 2006)

Island sounds first reached international airwaves in the form of Cuban jazz and the calypso rhythms of Trinidad and Tobago. The Andrew Sisters added vanilla to Rum and Coca-Cola shortly before Harry Belafonte Day-o'd his way through The Banana Boat Song.

Millie Small's My Boy Lollipop emerged from the midst of British Mod culture as the warm-up act for Desmond Dekker's colossal 1968 smash Israelites which put Jamaica on the musical map once and for all. Success continued with his Shanty Town (007) soundtrack contribution to the 1972 the rude boy film The Harder They Come. Dekker's fame was rekindled during the late 1970s Stiff Records-era-2-Tone-punk-revival.

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