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Steve Earle

STEVE EARLE (1955 - )

You knew outspoken activist and outlaw troubador was a rock star early on stealing scenes in Heartworn Highways at the hip of Townes Van Zandt. His personal demons make for interesting detours but he always comes back bigger and better.

"I'm not becoming more radical on this and Jerusalem, because my politics never could have got any further to the left. What ebbed and flowed was what I did about it. I don't believe that there's ever going to be a socialist revolution in the US. That's what separates me from [US journalist, bolshevik activist and subject of the film Reds] John Reed. And I think the lesson of Reed was that he was more effective as an artist than a politician, and that's why he ended up buried in the Kremlin wall rather than making much difference in the long run."


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