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Joe Perry

JOE PERRY (1950 - )

Boston. Aerosmith. Toxic Twin. Joe Perry Project.


Like most good things, Aerosmith wasn't planned, it just happened.

It began to happen in late summer of 1970. Guitarist Joe Perry and bassist Tom Hamilton had been playing in a band in New Hampshire which had just broken up. They were familiar with the talents of a drummer, Steve Tyler, whose band had likewise recently dissolved. The initial connection between the three flickered a bit, and another drummer, Joey Kramer, was asked by Hamilton and Perry to play with them. Soon afterward, Tyler joined up again, this time as the lead singer, and the band moved to Boston. There, a fifth member, guitarist Brad Whitford, was finally added.

That much wasn't planned. But the rest...

"When we all got together,"says Tom "our intention was to be a concert and recording band." During the first months together, Aerosmith played gigs at colleges, high schools, sometimes at fraternities as well as writing and collecting material for an album. Their refined style of rock and roll attracted more than just highly partisan reactions from the audiences: they were brought to the attention of Columbia Records, and signed in August, 1972. Their first Columbia recording is, appropriately, Aerosmith.

The band has been most effective in urban college audiences, although when they did sneak into a club or two, the reactions were usually quite favorable. When they made their New York club debut at Max's Kansas City, Cashbox wrote,

    "Are you looking for that extra spurt of energy that is often missing from the new wave of "mellow" musicians? Fear not, the search is over. Aerosmith is bursting with rhythm and raunch, carrying on with the tradition of the Stones, but with the innuendos of the 70s. The sound radiates total energy, but is still dynamic enough so that this quintet managed to play tastefully in a room as contained as the upstairs at Max's."

Or, as one of the band members said, "Our music is R&B with a lot of arrangement and refinement; it is rough and raunchy, but melodic at the same time."

The members of Aerosmith are:

Brad Whitford, 20, guitar, born in Winchester, Massachusetts and raised in Reading, Massachusetts He's played the guitar five years, after studying both trumpet and piano.

Joey Kramer, 22, drums, born in Manhattan, raised in Yonkers, moved to Boston about five years ago, where he joined Aerosmith.

Steve Tyler, 24, lead singer, born in New York City, also the lyricist of the group.

Tom Hamilton, 20, bass, born in Colorado Springs, began playing when he was 14.

Joe Perry, lead guitar and backup vocals, born and raised just outside Boston.

Columbia Records Press Release 11/72



Make It
Dream On
One Way Street
Mama Kin
Write Me
Movin Out
Walkin' The Dog


Aerosmith has arrived and will be devastating thousands very soon. This hard driving band hails from Boston, where they have become a rage. Everywhere they play they carry on with total energy. "Rhythm and raunch" best describes their stage show.

Their first album was recorded in Boston and produced by Adrian Barber. Adrian engineered The Rascals and Cream, and also produced the first Allman Brothers record.

Songs that have the top 40 goods are "Make It," "Mama Kin," and "Movin Out." A new, funky rendition of "Walkin' The Dog" will destroy FM's.

The group will be mapping out an extensive tour to support the record. Their stage show does such numbers to whomever sees them that you better be ready to hold your ground when you see them.

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