Joey Mars

JOEY MARS (1963 - )

For more than thirty years, Joey Mars has been creating a unique world of characters and far out planetary environments. While attending art school in Boston, Massachusetts in the nineteen eighties, Joey Mars began creating band flyers and posters in the Boston alternative rock circle. The early nineteen nineties Mars gig and venue posters help chronicle the breakthrough of the alternative music scene in Boston which led to relationships with Aerosmith, Tea Party Concerts and Live Nation. His art has traveled to all corners of the globe through diverse distribution deals with Liquid Blue, Polygram, Not Fade Away, Net Sales, Adam's Apple and Orion Distributors, which in turn lead to creating graphics for The Grateful Dead. With heavy rotation of Joey Mars merchandise in malls, boutiques, head-shops and festivals in the nineteen nineties and two thousands, Joey's brand and reverent fan base grew in the pop-surreal, low-brow graphic worlds. A lot of kids grew up, viewing, wearing or displaying Joey Mars schwag. The ones who were too young to experience the nineties the first time around are now fueling the rising vintage market where a Mars T-shirt can go upwards of $200-300 dollars Through the years a proprietor of retail and galleries, manager of artist co-ops, promoter, illustrator, designer, painter and poet, Joey Mars has been affecting and chronicling culture for over 30 years. Since early 2016 Mars had been working on his largest project in scope to date. Cash Money Aliens, the series of drawings and multi-media pieces with dialogue and poetry reflecting "Trump Era" was finished in early April 2019 with 532 multi media illustrations. The series is archived at The Cash Money Aliens project culminated with a giant street art piece in the oldest art colony in the United States. The world famous alternative lifestyle emporium, Shop Therapy, whom Mars has worked with for over twenty years, unveiled the masterpiece in 2018 at their flagship store on Cape Cod. The futuristic, sci-fi digital wrap stretches Thirty-three feet wide and fifteen feet in height over the second floor exterior walls of the former Star Theater. The surreal, psychedelic-punk, Cash Money Aliens hover over the international tourists that flood the main drag of Provincetown, Massachusetts in the summer where Mars shows art work in local galleries. This summer he will be represented by Julie Heller Gallery.

Cash Money Aliens is an art project from Joey Mars that ran from February 2016 to April 2019 on The series of five hundred thirty one drawings veered into comic strip slash drawing of the day terriritory acting as a pushback against the sureality of the Trump Era. .

And please visit the Best of Bug Brain Sushi, a daily art adventure which ran for the 2015 season of!

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