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David Bieber at the David Bieber Archives - Photo by Allan Dines (c) 2021

Content is King

In 2016, twelve-and-a-half tractor-trailers of over two million objects of boxed pop culture arrived at the Norwood Space Center in Norwood, Massachusetts. After five years of endless hours of unboxing and building, the David Bieber Archives has reached its first major organizational milestone, the macro organization of collection itself.

In macro, we mean that ALL the LPs, the 45s, books, magazines, posters, etc. are where they belong. As of 12/15/2021, we are beginning the microphase: the alphabetization and digitization of the collection.

This means the fun now begins.


Lost Well Babys Tapes:
Vinyl Heaven

Well Babys - Record Review by Ann Wood

Author Ann Wood had never heard of the Well Babys until we dropped the new LP off with her. Originally recorded in the late 1980s, featuring tracks produced by Sean Slade (Radiohead, Hole) at Fort Apache Roxbury and now available for the first time on Motherlode Records.