January 2023

Fuck Art. Let's Dance.


JANUARY 1, 1864Alfred Stieglitz is born in Hoboken, New Jersey.

JANUARY 1, 1890Charley Jordan is born in Mabelvale, Arkansas.

JANUARY 1, 1954Richard Kern is born in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina.

JANUARY 1, 1993 - Czechoslovakia is divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in The Velvet Divorce.

JANUARY 2, 1976Phil Radford is born in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

JANUARY 2, 1900John Hay announces the Open Door Policy to promote trade with China.

JANUARY 3, 1793Lucretia Mott is born in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

JANUARY 3, 1977Apple Computer is incorporated.

JANUARY 4, 1877Marsden Hartley is born Edmund Hartley in Lewiston, Maine.

JANUARY 4, 1883Max Eastman is born in Canandaigua, New York.

JANUARY 4, 1999Jesse Ventura is sworn in as governor of Minnesota.

JANUARY 5, 1931Alvin Ailey is born in Rogers, Texas.

JANUARY 5, 1940FM radio is demonstrated to the FCC for the first time.

JANUARY 5, 1941Hayao Miyazaki is born in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan.

JANUARY 5, 1942 Stanley Booth is born in Waycross, Georgia.

JANUARY 5, 1946 Diane Keaton is born in Los Angeles, California.

JANUARY 6, 1915Alan Watts is born in Kent, England.

JANUARY 6, 1878Carl Sandburg is born in Galesburg, Illinois.

JANUARY 6, 1883Kahlil Gibran is born in Bsharri, Lebanon.

JANUARY 6, 1912Charles Addams is born in Westfield, New Jersey.

JANUARY 6, 1946Syd Barrett is born in Cambridge, England.

JANUARY 6, 1958Club 47 opens its doors in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

JANUARY 6, 1975Led Zeppelin fans break down doors and destroy sections the Boston Garden.

JANUARY 7, 1911 Butterfly McQueen is born in Tampa, Florida.

JANUARY 7, 1948 – National Guard pilot Thomas Mantell crashes while in pursuit of a UFO.

JANUARY 7, 1955 Chuck Connelly is born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

JANUARY 8, 1872Charles Hawthorne is born in Lodi, Illinois.

JANUARY 8, 1911Gypsy Rose Lee is born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

JANUARY 8, 1918Woodrow Wilson announces his Fourteen Points.

JANUARY 8, 1935Elvis Presley is born in Tupelo, Mississippi.

JANUARY 8, 1941Nena von Schlebrügge is born Birgitte Caroline von Schlebrügge in Mexico City, Mexico.

JANUARY 8, 1947David Bowie is born in London, England.

JANUARY 8, 1964Ron Sexsmith is born in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

JANUARY 8, 1976Jenny Lewis is born in Las Vegas, Nevada.

JANUARY 9, 1950David Johansen is born in Staten Island, New York.

JANUARY 9, 2007Steve Jobs unveils the first iPhone.

JANUARY 10, 1870John D. Rockefeller incorporates Standard Oil.

JANUARY 10, 1887Robinson Jeffers is born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

JANUARY 10, 1924Max Roach is born in Newland, North Carolina.

JANUARY 10, 1982Valerie June is born in Jackson, Tennessee.

JANUARY 11, 1905Dorothy Hale is born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

JANUARY 11, 1912 – Textile works in Lawrence, Massachusetts go on strike.

JANUARY 11, 1924Slim Harpo is born James Isaac Moore in Lobdell, Louisiana.

JANUARY 11, 1926Susan Reed is born in Columbia, South Carolina.

JANUARY 12, 1926Morton Feldman is born in Queens, New York.

JANUARY 12, 1971All in the Family premieres on CBS.

JANUARY 13, 1893Clark Ashton Smith is born in Long Valley Caldera, California.

JANUARY 13, 1925Billie Allen is born in Richmond, Virginia.

JANUARY 13, 1943Willie Loco Alexander is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

JANUARY 13, 1968 Johnny Cash performs live at Folsom State Prison

JANUARY 14, 1887Samuel Loveman is born in Cleveland, Ohio.

JANUARY 14, 1896John Dos Passos is born in Chicago, Illinois.

JANUARY 14, 1905Emily Hahn is born in St. Louis, Missouri.

JANUARY 14, 1938Allen Toussaint is born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

JANUARY 14, 1963Bob Dylan records with Richard Farina and Eric von Schmidt in Dobell's basement at Charing Cross London.

JANUARY 14, 1967The Human Be-In kicks off the Summer of Love in San Francisco, California's Golden Gate Park.

JANUARY 15, 1864Fannie Johnston is born Frances Benjamin Johnston in Grafton, West Virginia.

JANUARY 15, 1919The Great Molasses Flood in Boston, Massachusetts, kills 21 people and injures 150 more.

JANUARY 15, 1929Martin Luther King, Jr. is born in Atlanta, Georgia.

JANUARY 15, 1941Captain Beefheart is born Don Glen Vliet in Glendale, California.

JANUARY 15, 1948Ronnie Van Zant is born in Jacksonville, Florida.

JANUARY 15, 1956Yellowman is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

JANUARY 16, 1933Susan Sontag is born Susan Rosenblatt in New York City, New York.

JANUARY 16, 1939The Irish Republican Army (IRA) begins a bombing and sabotage campaign in England.

JANUARY 16, 1973Timothy Leary is placed under house arrest in Afghanistan.

JANUARY 17, 1861 Louise Imogen Guiney is born in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

JANUARY 17, 1928Vidal Sassoon is born in London, England.

JANUARY 17, 1929Popeye the Sailor Man by Elzie Segar debuts.

JANUARY 17, 1934Donald Cammell is born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

JANUARY 17, 1944Francoise Hardy is born in Paris, France.

JANUARY 17, 1949Andy Kaufman is born in New York City, New York.

JANUARY 17, 1955Steve Earle is born in Hampton, Virginia.

JANUARY 18, 1904Cary Grant is born Archibald Alexander Leach in Bristol, England.

JANUARY 18, 1919The Paris Peace Conference opens in Versailles, France.

JANUARY 18, 1973Benjamin Todd Jealous is born in Pacific Grove, California.

JANUARY 19, 1809Edgar Allan Poe is born in Boston, Massachusetts.

JANUARY 19, 1887Alexander Woollcott is born in Phalanx, New Jersey.

JANUARY 19, 1943Janis Joplin is born in Port Arthur, Texas.

JANUARY 19, 1953America tunes in to I Love Lucy to watch Lucy give birth to Ricky Jr.

JANUARY 19, 1954Cindy Sherman is born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey.

JANUARY 20, 1888Lead Belly is born Huddie William Ledbetter in Mooringsport, Louisiana.

JANUARY 20, 1920Frederico Fellini is born in Rimini, Italy.

JANUARY 20, 1926Patricia Neal is born in Packard, Kentucky.

JANUARY 20, 1946David Lynch is born in Missoulla, Montana.

JANUARY 20, 1971?uestlove is born Ahmir Khalib Thompson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

JANUARY 20, 1986Martin Luther King, Jr. Day becomes a federal holiday.

JANUARY 21, 1789 – America's first novel, The Power of Sympathy or the Triumph of Nature Founded in Truth, is printed in Boston, Massachusetts.

JANUARY 21, 1868Max Bohm is born in Cleveland, Ohio.

JANUARY 21, 1887Jaime de Angulo is born in Paris, France.

JANUARY 21, 1972Cat Power is born Charlyn Marie Marshall in Atlanta, Georgia.

JANUARY 22, 1849August Strindberg is born in Stockholm, Sweden.

JANUARY 22, 1889Columbia Phonograph is formed in Washington, D.C.

JANUARY 22, 1897Blind Willie Johnson is born in Brenham, Texas.

JANUARY 22, 1898Sergei Eisenstein is born in Riga, Latvia.

JANUARY 22, 1906Julien Levy is born in New York City, New York.

JANUARY 22, 1935Teiji Ito is born in Tokyo, Japan.

JANUARY 22, 1953Jim Jarmusch is born in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

JANUARY 22, 1954Marcia Mello is born Marcia Kostick in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

JANUARY 23, 1943Duke Ellington makes his Carnegie Hall debut in New York City, New York.

JANUARY 23, 1832Edouard Manet is born in Paris, France.

JANUARY 23, 1881Luisa Casati is born in Milan, Italy.

JANUARY 23, 1881Oliver Chaffee is born in Detroit, Michigan.

JANUARY 24, 1915Robert Motherwell is born in Aberdeen, Washington.

JANUARY 24, 1961Nastassja Kinski is born Nastassja Aglaia Nakszynskiin in Berlin, Germany.

JANUARY 24, 1972Shoichi Yokoi is found hiding in a Guam jungle not knowing that World War II had ended.

JANUARY 25, 1882Virginia Woolf is born in London, England.

JANUARY 25, 1938Etta James is born in Los Angeles, California.

JANUARY 25, 1947Thomas Goldsmith files a patent for the Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device.

JANUARY 26,1934The Apollo Theater reopens in Harlem, New York.

JANUARY 26, 1944Angela Davis is born in Birmingham, Alabama.

JANUARY 26, 1953Lucinda Williams is born in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

JANUARY 27, 1606The Trial of Guy Fawkes begins.

JANUARY 27, 1756Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is born in Salzburg, Austria.

JANUARY 27, 1897William Mortensen is born in Park City, Utah.

JANUARY 27, 1919Lester Johnson is born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

JANUARY 28, 1754Horace Walpole coins the word serendipity in a letter to Horace Mann.

JANUARY 28, 1853Jose Marti is born in Havana, Cuba.

JANUARY 28, 1941King Tubby is born Osbourne Ruddock in Kingston, Jamaica.

JANUARY 29, 1845Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven is published.

JANUARY 29, 1860 Anton Chekhov is born in Taganrog, Russia.

JANUARY 29, 1874 Owen Davis is born in Portland, Maine.

JANUARY 29, 1927Edward Abbey is born in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

JANUARY 30, 1873Maud Squire is born in Cincinatti, Ohio.

JANUARY 30, 1908Mahatma Gandhi is released from prison in Transvaal, South Africa.

JANUARY 30, 1947Steve Marriott is born in London, England.

JANUARY 31, 1857James Huneker is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

JANUARY 31, 1902Tallulah Bankhead is born in Huntsville, Alabama.

JANUARY 31, 1915Alan Lomax is born in Austin, Texas.

JANUARY 31, 1923Norman Mailer is born in Long Branch, New Jersey.

JANUARY 31, 1937Philip Glass is born in Baltimore, Maryland.

JANUARY 31, 1956John Lydon is born in London, England.

JANUARY 31, 1990McDonald's opens in Moscow, Russia.