June 19, 2020

Hills & Pine by Oliver Chaffee

This is Blanche Lazzell's Advertisement for block lessons.

"There was a form of art that was created in Provincetown that was kind of unique. It was called the white-line woodcut painting. In itself it's got quite a story but the Japanese when they wanted to make a multi-colored print, they used to have to make, for each color, a separate carving. Then they would press one and then press another and another and another and it took quite a lot of precision to get it so that it all kind of came together, but it took an enormous amount of time, which Americans weren't particularly good at investing in, to making a single print. So, there was some thoughts about how they could do it differently and they came up with the idea that if somebody made the sketch on a block of wood and then you took between the different colors you cut a groove. Amongst the grooves, what you would do then is you would paint all the reds, and you'd press paper down on top of that, and then you'd lift it then you'd paint all the blues and press the paper down on top of that. You ended up pressing the paper several times but you used a single block. And it got to be known as a white-line print because the spaces around all the colors that were known as white lines. Some people were very good at hiding it, others didn't care. It didn't hurt it created the art." - Then & Now: Napi Van Dereck. Provincetown Community TV. November 2, 2011