July 17, 2020

Karen Cappotto - Tender Buttons

This is Karen Cappotto's Tender Buttons.

For the first time, The Provincetown Collagists have been collected and presented as one coherent presentation - a mash-up of two worlds, both contemporary and historic. The descriptive term collagist has a long history with this art colony. Leo Manso had the proper noun attached to the headline of his obituary. Many of the greater known artists in this medium have a connection to the Long Point Gallery with Boghosian, Motherwell, Manso but Weldon Kees of Forum (19)49 fame, Al Hansen (rockstar Beck's grandfather) of HCE and Jim Forsberg of Sun Gallery fame all laid earlier tracks. Later participants in the collage game include the recently departed Ray Nolin, and Karen Cappotto whose collage work has made an international impact long before her she picked up the brush.

July 17, 2020

The Motherlode Interview:
Karen Cappotto

Cesar's Cottage 2105 by Karen Cappotto

Karen Cappotto is inspired by evidence of the handmade in a world where technology prevails. She is known for her distinct palette and combination of materials. Cappotto's work is in PAAMʼs Permanent collection and she has received multiple awards and prizes for her mixed media constructions.