August 2023

Scopes Trial Cartoon


AUGUST 1, 1951Tommy Bolin is born in Sioux City, Iowa.

AUGUST 1, 1981MTV debuts with Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles.

AUGUST 2, 1924James Baldwin is born in Harlem, New York.

AUGUST 2, 1937 – The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 is passed, making marijuana illegal.

AUGUST 2, 1964Mary-Louise Parker is born in Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

AUGUST 3, 1895Iwata Nakayama is born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

AUGUST 3, 1900John Scopes is born in Peducah, Kentucky.

AUGUST 3, 1929Jiddu Krishnamurti dissolves the Order of the Star.

AUGUST 4, 1901Louis Armstrong is born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

AUGUST 4, 1958 – The Billboard Hot 100 is first published.

AUGUST 5, 1884 – Construction of the Statue of Liberty begins on Bedloe's Island.

AUGUST 5, 1942Joe Boyd is born in Boston, Massachusetts.

AUGUST 5, 1970Xeni Jardin is born in Richmond, Virginia.

AUGUST 6, 1883Scott Nearing is born in Morris Run, Pennsylvania.

AUGUST 6, 1911Lucille Ball is born in Jamestown, New York.

AUGUST 6, 1928Andy Warhol is born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

AUGUST 6, 1988 – The Tompkins Square Park Riot helps bring reform to the New York Police Department.

AUGUST 7, 1925Felice Bryant is born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

AUGUST 7, 1937Magic Slim is born Morris Holt in Torrance, Mississippi.

AUGUST 7, 1950Rodney Crowell is born in Houston, Texas.

AUGUST 7, 1970Harold Haley is taken hostage in his courtroom and killed during an effort to free George Jackson from police custody.

AUGUST 8, 1879Emiliano Zapata is born in Morelos, Mexico.

AUGUST 8, 1922Rudi Gernreich is born in Vienna, Austria.

AUGUST 8, 1991 – The Warsaw radio mast collapses in Poland.

AUGUST 9, 1817Henry David Thoreau publishes Walden.

AUGUST 9, 1961 Karen Cappotto is born in Syracuse, New York.

AUGUST 9, 1982Yekaterina Samutsevich is born in Moscow, Russia.

AUGUST 10, 1675 – The foundation stone of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London, England is laid.

AUGUST 10, 1942Betsey Johnson is born in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

AUGUST 10, 1943Ronnie Spector is born Veronica Yvette Bennett in Harlem, New York.

AUGUST 11, 1942Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil receive the patent for wireless technology.

AUGUST 11, 1921Alex Haley is born in Ithaca, New York.

AUGUST 11, 1967Joe Rogan is born in Newark, New Jersey.

AUGUST 12, 1851Isaac Singer is granted a patent for his sewing machine.

AUGUST 12, 1929Buck Owens is born Alvis Edgar Owens, Jr. in Sherman, Texas.

AUGUST 13, 1871Hippolyte Havel is born in Tábor, Czech Republic.

AUGUST 13, 1899Alfred Hitchcock is born in Essex, England.

AUGUST 13, 1937Robert Fraser is born in England.

AUGUST 13, 1942 Walt Disney's, Bambi, is released to theaters.

AUGUST 13, 1963Joey Mars is born in Worcester, Massachusetts.

AUGUST 14, 1941David Crosby is born in Los Angeles, California.

AUGUST 14, 1945Wim Wenders is born Ernst Wilhelm Wendersin in Düsseldorf, Germany.

AUGUST 14, 1975The Rocky Horror Picture Show, opens at the USA Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

AUGUST 15, 1939The Wizard of Oz premieres at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California.

AUGUST 15, 1946Jimmy Webb is born in Elk City, Oklahoma.

AUGUST 15, 1986Samantha Crain is born in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

AUGUST 16, 1888TE Lawrence is born in Porthmadog, Wales.

AUGUST 16, 1920Charles Bukowski is born in Andernach, Germany.

AUGUST 16, 1974The Ramones play their first CBGB'S show.

AUGUST 17, 1887Marcus Garvey is born in Saint Ann's Bay, Jamaica.

AUGUST 17, 1893Mae West is born in Brooklyn, New York.

AUGUST 17, 1959Miles Davis' Kind of Blue is released by Columbia Records.

AUGUST 17, 1960Sean Penn is born in Santa Monica, California.

AUGUST 18, 1878Maurice Sterne is born in Latvia.

AUGUST 18, 1920 – The 19th Amendment to The United States Constitution is ratified, legalizing women's right to vote.

AUGUST 18, 1943Martin Mull is born in Chicago, Illinois.

AUGUST 19, 1921Gene Roddenberry is born in El Paso, Texas.

AUGUST 19, 1989 Radio Caroline is raided by British and Dutch agents.

AUGUST 20, 1890HP Lovecraft is born in Providence, Rhode Island.

AUGUST 20, 1965KRS-One is born Lawrence Parker in South Bronx, New York.

AUGUST 20, 1968Warsaw Pact troops invade Czechoslovakia, nipping the Prague Spring in the bud.

AUGUST 20, 1972Wattstax overtakes the Los Angeles Coliseum in California.

AUGUST 21, 1831Nat Turner leads a slave rebellion.

AUGUST 21, 1872Aubrey Beardsley is born in Brighton, England.

AUGUST 21, 1946Christina Ramberg is born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

AUGUST 21, 1967Serj Tankian is born in Beirut, Lebanon.

AUGUST 22, 1893Dorothy Parker is born in Long Branch, New Jersey.

AUGUST 22, 1967Layne Staley is born in Kirkland, Washington.

AUGUST 22, 1971J. Edgar Hoover and John Mitchell announce the arrests of the Camden 28.

AUGUST 23, 1868Edith Lake Wilkinson is born in Wheeling, West Virginia.

AUGUST 23, 1970River Phoenix is born in Madras, Oregon.

AUGUST 23, 1991Tim Berners-Lee opens the World Wide Web to new users.

AUGUST 24, 1857The Panic of 1857 begins, setting off yet another economic crisis in United States history.

AUGUST 24, 1922Howard Zinn is born in Brooklyn, New York.

AUGUST 24, 1945Ronee Blakely is born in Nampa, Idaho.

AUGUST 24, 1973Dave Chappelle is born in Washington, D.C..

AUGUST 24, 1994King Krule is born Archy Marshall in London, England.

AUGUST 25, 1609Galileo Galilei demonstrates his first telescope to Venetian lawmakers.

AUGUST 25, 1901Louise Emerson Ronnebeck is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

AUGUST 25, 1910Dorothea Tanning is born in Galesburg, Illinois.

AUGUST 25, 1947Mink Stole is born Nancy Paine Stoll in Baltimore, Maryland.

AUGUST 25, 1954Elvis Costello is born Declan Patrick MacManus in London, England.

AUGUST 25, 1958Tim Burton is born in Burbank, California.

AUGUST 25, 1965Mia Zapata is born in Louisville, Kentucky.

AUGUST 26, 1498Michelangelo is commissioned to carve the Pietà.

AUGUST 26, 1874Zona Gale is born in Portage, Wisconsin.

AUGUST 26, 1898Peggy Guggenheim is born in New York City, New York.

AUGUST 26, 1903Caroline Miller is born in Waycross, Georgia.

AUGUST 26, 1966Shirley Manson is born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

AUGUST 27, 1890Man Ray is born Emmanuel Radnitzky in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

AUGUST 27, 1910Mother Teresa is baptised and receives the name Agnes.

AUGUST 27, 1989Jessica Lea Mayfield is born in Kent, Ohio.

AUGUST 28, 1917Jack Kirby is born Jacob Kurtzberg in New York City, New York.

AUGUST 28, 1949Hugh Cornwell is born in London, England.

AUGUST 28, 1845 – The first issue of Scientific American magazine is published.

AUGUST 29, 1786Shays' Rebellion begins.

AUGUST 29, 1915Ingrid Bergman is born in Stockholm, Sweden.

AUGUST 29, 1920Charlie Parker is born in Kansas City, Kansas.

AUGUST 29, 1927Gloria Saunders is born in Columbia, South Carolina.

AUGUST 29, 1958Michael Jackson is born in Gary, Indiana.

AUGUST 30, 1919Kitty Wells is born Ellen Muriel Deason in Nashville, Tennessee.

AUGUST 30, 1943Robert Crumb is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

AUGUST 30, 1963Dave Brockie is born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

AUGUST 30, 1984 – The Space Shuttle Discovery takes off on its maiden voyage.

AUGUST 31, 1803 Lewis and Clark begin their expedition from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

AUGUST 31, 1945Van Morrison is born in Belfast, Ireland.

AUGUST 31, 1959Fab Five Freddy is born Fred Brathwaite in Brooklyn, New York.

AUGUST 31, 1966 – The Velvet Underground begins their three-day run at the Chrysler Art Museum in Provincetown, Massachusetts.