March 2023

The Witch Number 1 - Joseph E. Baker


MARCH 1, 1445 Sandro Botticelli is born Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi in Florence, Italy.

MARCH 1, 1692Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and Tituba are brought before magistrates at the Salem Witch Trials.

MARCH 1, 1914Ralph Ellison is born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

MARCH 1, 1944Michael D'Abo is born in Surrey, England.

MARCH 2, 1904Dr. Seuss is born Theodor Geisel in Springfield, Massachusetts.

MARCH 2, 1931Tom Wolfe is born in Richmond, Virginia.

MARCH 2, 1933 – The film King Kong opens at New York's Radio City Music Hall.

MARCH 2, 1942Lou Reed is born in Brooklyn, New York.

MARCH 2, 1943Elaine Brown is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

MARCH 2, 1949Cookie Mueller is born Dorothy Karen Mueller in Baltimore, Maryland.

MARCH 2, 1963Alvin Youngbood Hart is born Gregory Edward Hart in Oakland, California.

MARCH 3, 1911Jean Harlow is born Harlean Harlow Carpenter in Kansas City, Kansas.

MARCH 3, 1951Jackie Brenston and Ike Turner record Rocket 88 at Sam Phillips' recording studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

MARCH 4, 1678Vivaldi is born Antonio Lucio Vivaldi in Venice, Italy.

MARCH 4, 1776 – The Continental Army fortifies Dorchester Heights during the Siege of Boston.

MARCH 4, 1967Evan Dando is born in Essex, Massachusetts.

MARCH 4, 1973Harmony Korine is born in Bolinas, California.

MARCH 5, 1770Crispus Attucks is fatally shot by British troops during The Boston Massacre.

MARCH 5, 1853Howard Pyle is born in Wilmington, Delaware.

MARCH 5, 1929JB Lenoir is born in Monticello, Mississippi.

MARCH 6, 1475Michelangelo is born in Caprese, Italy.

MARCH 6, 1951 – The trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg begins.

MARCH 6, 1967Glenn Greenwald is born in Queens, New York.

MARCH 7, 1877Ida Rauh is born in New York City, New York.

MARCH 7, 1942 – Activist Lucy Parsons dies in a Chicago house fire.

MARCH 7, 1944Townes Van Zandt is born in Fort Worth, Texas.

MARCH 7, 1946Peter Wolf is born in Bronx, New York.

MARCH 7, 1957 - The Tuneweavers record Happy, Happy Birthday Baby at Boston's Ace Studios.

MARCH 8, 1958Gary Numan is born in London, England.

MARCH 8, 1979Philips unveils the CD (Compact Disc).

MARCH 9, 1842 – Gold is discovered at Rancho San Francisco, California, six years before the California Gold Rush.

MARCH 9, 1942John Cale is born in Garnant, Carmarthenshire, Wales.

MARCH 10, 1955Gary Louris is born in Toledo, Ohio.

MARCH 10, 1956 – The MIT Rock & Roll Riot takes place.

MARCH 10, 2006 – The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter arrives at Mars.

MARCH 11, 1932 – The death of Booming Ben marks the extinction of Heath Hens.

MARCH 11, 1955Nina Hagen is born in East Berlin, Germany.

MARCH 12, 1922Jack Kerouac is born Jean-Louis Lebris de Kérouac in Lowell, Massachusetts.

MARCH 12, 1976Hisham Bharoocha is born in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

MARCH 12, 1979Pete Doherty is born in Hexham, England.

MARCH 12, 2009 Bernard Madoff pleads guilty to scamming $18 billion making Wall Street history.

MARCH 13, 1892Janet Flanner is born in Indianapolis, Indiana.

MARCH 13, 1929Bunny Yeager is born in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania.

MARCH 13, 1933 – Banks in the United States of America begin to re-open after President Franklin D. Roosevelt mandates a bank holiday.

MARCH 14, 1879Albert Einstein is born in Ulm, Germany.

MARCH 14, 1923Diane Arbus is born in New York City, New York.

MARCH 14, 1994Linux kernel version 1.0.0 is released.

MARCH 15, 1493Christopher Columbus returns to Spain after his first trip to the Americas.

MARCH 15, 1912Lightnin' Hopkins is born Sam John Hopkins in Centerville, Texas.

MARCH 15, 1943Sly Stone is born in Denton, Texas.

MARCH 15, 1968 - Ugly Radio is Dead! WBCN is born with its first official rock and roll broadcast.

MARCH 16, 1936Fred Neil is born in Cleveland, Ohio.

MARCH 16, 1939 – From Prague Castle, Adolf Hitler proclaims Bohemia and Moravia a German protectorate.

MARCH 16, 1942Jerry Jeff Walker is born in Oneonta, New York.

MARCH 16, 1981Danny Brown is born Daniel Dewan Sewell in Detroit, Michigan.

MARCH 17, 1886Wilbur Daniel Steele is born in Greensboro, North Carolina.

MARCH 17, 1932Dick Curless is born in Fort Fairfield, Maine.

MARCH 17, 1938Rudolph Nureyev is born in Irkutsk, Russia.

MARCH 17, 1941The National Gallery of Art opens its doors in Washington, D.C.

MARCH 17, 1948William Gibson is born in Conway, South Carolina.

MARCH 18, 1877Edgar Cayce is born in Beverly, Kentucky.

MARCH 18, 1883Josephine Hopper is born in New York City, New York.

MARCH 18, 1970Queen Latifah is born Dana Elaine Owens in Newark, New Jersey.

MARCH 18, 1970 – The United States Postal Service Wildcat Strike begins.

MARCH 18, 1986Lykke Li is born in Ystad, Sweden.

MARCH 19, 1936Ursula Andress is born in Ostermundigen, Switzerland.

MARCH 19, 1987 – Televangelist Jim Bakker resigns from the PTL Club in the wake of a lascivious sex scandal.

MARCH 20, 1936Lee Scratch Perry is born in Kendal, Jamaica.

MARCH 20, 1940Mary Ellen Mark is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

MARCH 20, 2015 – A Solar eclipse, equinox, and a Supermoon all occur on the same day..

MARCH 21, 1872Neith Boyce is born in Franklin, Indiana.

MARCH 21, 1880Hans Hofmann is born in Bayern, Germany.

MARCH 21, 1952Alan Freed presents the Moondog Coronation Ball in Cleveland, Ohio.

MARCH 22, 1621 – The Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts sign a peace treaty with Wampanoag Massasoit.

MARCH 22, 1929Yayoi Kusama is born in Nagano, Japan.

MARCH 23, 1907Alexander Iolas is born in Alexandria, Egypt.

MARCH 23, 1944Ric Ocasek is born in Baltimore, Maryland.

MARCH 23, 1968Damon Albarn is born in London, England.

MARCH 23, 1972Reggie Watts is born in Stuttgart, Germany.

MARCH 23, 1989Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann announce their discovery of cold fusion at the University of Utah.

MARCH 24, 1832 – Mormon leader Joseph Smith is tarred and feathered in Hiram, Ohio.

MARCH 24, 1874Harry Houdini is born Erik Weisz in Budapest, Hungary.

MARCH 24, 1897Wilhelm Reich is born in Dobzau, Ukraine.

MARCH 24, 1935Carol Kaye is born in Everett, Washington.

MARCH 25, 1881Bela Bartok is born in Sannicolau Mare, Romania.

MARCH 25, 1894Coxey's Army departs Massillon, Ohio for Washington D.C..

MARCH 25, 1911Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire kills 146 garment workers in New York City, New York.

MARCH 25, 1925Flannery O'Connor is born in Savannah, Georgia.

MARCH 25, 1931 – An incident between black and white youths aboard a southern train sparks the notorious Scottsboro Boys trial in Scottsboro, Alabama.

MARCH 25, 1942Aretha Franklin is born in Memphis, Tennessee.

MARCH 26, 1812 - A political cartoon in the Boston Gazette coins the term gerrymander to describe oddly shaped electoral districts designed to help incumbents win reelection.

MARCH 26, 1874Robert Frost is born in San Francisco, California.

MARCH 26, 1911Tennessee Williams is born in Columbus, Mississippi.

MARCH 26, 1942Erica Jong is born in New York City, New York.

MARCH 26, 1944Diana Ross is born in Detroit, Michigan.

MARCH 27, 1513 – Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León reaches the northern end of the Bahamas on his first voyage to Florida.

MARCH 27, 1879Edward Steichen is born in Bivange, Luxembourg.

MARCH 27, 1926Frank O'Hara is born in Baltimore, Maryland.

MARCH 27, 1963Quentin Tarantino is born in Knoxville, Tennessee.

MARCH 28, 1907Irving Lazar is born in Brooklyn, New York.

MARCH 28, 1979 – The nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island's Unit 2 reactor unfolds outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

MARCH 29, 1940Astrud Gilberto is born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

MARCH 29, 1961Amy Sedaris is born in Endicott, New York.

MARCH 29, 2004 The Republic of Ireland bans smoking in all work places, including bars and restaurants.

MARCH 30, 1853Vincent Van Gogh is born in Zundert, Netherlands.

MARCH 30, 1937Warren Beatty is born in Richmond, Virginia.

MARCH 30, 1939Detective Comics #27 is released, introducing Batman.

MARCH 30, 1949Lena Lovich is born in Detroit, Michigan.

MARCH 31, 1685Johann Sebastian Bach is born in Eisenach, Germany.

MARCH 31, 1913 – The Vienna Concert Society loses its collective mind at a performance of modernist music by Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg, Alexander von Zemlinsky, and Anton von Webern, causing a premature end to the concert due to violence.

MARCH 31, 1955Angus Young is born in Glasgow, Scotland.