September 2023

Lily Tomlin - One Ringy Dingy


SEPTEMBER 1, 1893Betty Blythe is born in Los Angeles, California.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1906 – The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys is established.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1939Lily Tomlin is born Mary Jean Tomlin in Detroit, Michigan.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1975Omar Rodríguez-López is born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1925Hugo Montenegro is born in New York City, New York.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1932Walter Davis, Jr. is born in Richmond, Virginia.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1935 – The Labor Day Hurricane devastates the Florida Keys..

SEPTEMBER 3, 1838Frederick Douglass escapes from slavery.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1955Steve Jones is born in London, England.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1908Richard Wright is born in Roxie, Mississippi.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1930Robert Arneson is born in Bernicia, California.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1998Google is founded.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1877Crazy Horse dies in Fort Robinson, Nebraska.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1912John Cage is born in Los Angeles, California.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1959Freddy K is born Frederick Kussman in Boston, Massachusetts.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1991The Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, 1989, comes into force.

SEPTEMBER 6, 1628Puritans settle Salem, Massachusetts.

SEPTEMBER 6, 1860Jane Addams is born in Cedarville, Illinois.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1860Grandma Moses is born Anna Mary Robertson Moses in Greenwich, New York.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1927Philo Farnsworth demonstrates the boob tube.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1932Yvonne Anderson is born in Long Beach, California.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1951Chrissie Hynde is born Christine Ellen Hynde in Akron, Ohio.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1504Michelangelo's David is unveiled in Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Italy.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1873 Alfred Jarry is born in Laval, France.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1897 Jimmie Rodgers is born in Meridian, Mississippi.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1932Patsy Cline is born in Winchester, Virginia.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1941Bernie Sanders is born in Brooklyn, New York.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1947Ben Orr is born Benjamin Orzechowski in Cleveland, Ohio.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1960Aimee Mann is born in Richmond, Virginia.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1970Neko Case is born in Alexandria, Virginia.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1868Mary Hunter Austin is born in Carlinville, Illinois.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1873Max Reinhardt is born Max Goldmann in Baden bei Wien, Austria.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1890Harland Sanders is born in Henryville, Indiana.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1941Otis Redding is born in Dawson, Georgia.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1971 – The four-day Attica Prison Riot begins.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1946Sister Teresa Bojaxhiu hears the call of God in her first step toward becoming Mother Teresa.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1950Joe Perry is born in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1847Stephen Foster's song Oh! Susanna is first performed at a saloon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1885DH Lawrence is born David Herbert Richards Lawrence in Nottinghamshire, England.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1953Nan Goldin is born in Washington D.C..

SEPTEMBER 12, 1977Steve Biko dies in police custody.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1874Arnold Schoenberg is born in Vienna, Austria.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1876Sherwood Anderson is born in Camden, Ohio.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1903Claudette Colbert is born in Saint-Mandé, France.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1911Bill Monroe is born in Rosine, Kentucky.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1916Roald Dahl is born in Cardiff, Wales.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1956 – The IBM 305 RAMAC introduces disk storage to consumers.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1977Fiona Apple is born Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart in New York City, New York.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1879Margaret Sanger is born Margaret Louise Higgins in Corning, New York.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1901 – US President William McKinley succumbs to the September 6 assassination attempt.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1949Fred Sonic Smith is born in Charleston, West Virginia.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1983Amy Winehouse is born in London, England.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1835HMS Beagle, with Charles Darwin aboard, reaches the Galápagos Islands.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1889Claude McKay is born in Clarendon Parish, Jamaica.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1889Robert Benchley is born in Worcester, Massachusetts.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1946Oliver Stone is born in New York City, New York.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1887Nadia Boulanger is born in Paris, France.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1924Lauren Bacall is born Betty Joan Perske in Bronx, New York.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1925BB King is born Riley B. King in Berclair, Mississippi.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1959 – The Xerox 914, is introduced.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1787 – The United States Constitution is signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1923Hank Williams, Sr. is born in Butler County, Alabama.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1926Curtis Harrington is born in Los Angeles, California.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1935Ken Kesey is born in La Junta, Colorado.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1950Fee Waybill is born John Waldo Waybill in Omaha, Nebraska.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1905Greta Garbo is born in Stockholm, Sweden.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1955Keith Morris is born in Hermosa Beach, California.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1975Patty Hearst is arrested after a year on the FBI Most Wanted List.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1941Cass Elliot is born Ellen Naomi Cohen in Baltimore, Maryland.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1949Twiggy is born Lesley Hornby in London, England.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1973Gram Parsons dies in Joshua Tree, California.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1985Tipper Gore forms the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) to begin regulation of music content.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1878Upton Sinclair is born in Baltimore, Maryland.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1934 Sophia Loren is born in Rome, Italy.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1946 – The first Cannes Film Festival is held.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1905Marguerite Roberts is born in Greeley, Colorado.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1934Leonard Cohen is born in Westmount, Québec, Canada.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1937J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit is published.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1947Stephen King is born in Portland, Maine.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1950Bill Murray is born in Wilmette, Illinois.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1960Maurizio Cattelan is born in Padua, Italy.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1958Joan Jett is born Joan Marie Larkin in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1869Richard Wagner's opera Das Rheingold premieres in Munich, Germany.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1865Suzanne Valadon is born Marie-Clémentine Valadon in Bessines-sur-Gartempe, France.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1867John Lomax is born in Goodman, Mississippi.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1889Walter Lippman is born in New York City, New York.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1905Tiny Bradshaw is born Myron Carlton Bradshaw in Youngstown, Ohio.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1926John Coltrane is born in Hamlet, North Carolina.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1930Ray Charles is born Ray Charles Robinson in Albany, Georgia.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1970Ani DiFranco is born in Buffalo, New York.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2002Mozilla Firefox is first publicly released.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1893Blind Lemon Jefferson is born Lemon Henry Jefferson in Coutchman, Texas.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1896F. Scott Fitzgerald is born Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald in St. Paul, Minnesota.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1923Fats Navarro is born Theodore Navarro in Key West, Florida.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1952Mark Sandman is born in Newton, Massachusetts.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1979CompuServe launches the first consumer internet service.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1860Charles Edward Russell is born in Davenport, Iowa.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1887Marguerite Zorach is born in Santa Rosa, California.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1906Dmitri Shostakovich is born in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1930Shel Silverstein is born in Chicago, Illinois.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1970Dean Ween is born Michael Melchiondo, Jr. in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1996 - The last Magdalene Asylum closes in Ireland.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1889Lucy L'Engle is born Lucy Brown in New York City, New York.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1948John Foxx is born Dennis Leigh in Lancashire, England.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1967Shannon Hoon is born in Lafayette, Indiana.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1786 – Protestors shut down the court in Springfield, Massachusetts in a military standoff that begins Shays' Rebellion.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1840Thomas Nast is born in Landau, Germany.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1936Don Cornelius is born in Chicago, Illinois.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1937 – The Balinese Tiger is declared extinct.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1957Bob Staake is born in Los Angeles, California.

SEPTEMBER 28, 935 Saint Wenceslas is murdered by his brother, Boleslaus I of Bohemia.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1934Brigitte Bardot is born in Paris, France.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1982St. Vincent is born Anne Erin Clark in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1912Michelangelo Antonioni is born in Ferrara, Italy.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1923Tuli Kupferberg is born Naphtali Kupferberg in New York City, New York.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1931Anita Ekberg is born in Malmö, Sweden.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1975WGPR in Detroit, Michigan, becomes the world's first black-owned-and-operated television station.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1924Truman Capote is born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1942Frankie Lymon is born in Harlem, New York.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2002Maddie Ziegler is born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.