David Bieber - Verb Hotel


This legendary radio Promotions Director was the man behind the curtain during the nineteen seventies and eighties glory days of Boston's stalwart FM radio station, WBCN. As megacorporations began pacmaning up terrestrial properties across the nation, he found refuge around the corner from his former Boylston Street haunts at the offices of Phoenix Media/Communications, the publisher of the weekly alt-newspaper, The Boston Phoenix and sister outlet, WFNX. In early twenty thirteen, owner Stephen Mindich held an inpromptu press conference announcing his intention of boarding up the windows of his Phoenix empire. While it came as a shock to some, others saw it coming - he had already flipped 'FNX back in twenty twelve. It left Bieber standing at a fork in the road. He is the proud owner of an impressive forty-plus year resume in the entertainment business but these are strange days indeed. Little did he know, he was just handed the greatest gift in his storied career.


On The Kent State shootings:

I had already graduated but I had just visited about a month earlier. Everything happened not far from where I spent most of my time on campus near the School of Journalism. Kent State was not known as a hotbed for radicalized students. You realize later that when you got the Guardsmen outside of their uniforms, they were 22 year-olds killing 22 year-olds coupled with the fact that this was a representation of middle-America. There were black students murdered in a University south of us that were ignored. It was a tidal wave moment that forces this dramatic awareness that the bullets were real and that death was real and it could have been us. The shootings at Kent State had real stopping power. The students weren’t anarchists from Greenwich Village. Kent State wasn’t Berkeley or Columbia. There was an everyman quality to it. It made you think, it could have been me.